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Language, words and images, their maze are crucial questions for Florence Pazzottu, writer and director. We saw Trivial poem (FID 2017) which combined political gesture and poetic writing as well as The Chinese Apple (FID 2019) which questioned how are drawn in each one the stories that we inherit . We are still dealing with words here, the heart of the meet with Mili Pecherer. First of all, those who designate us and make us, and those that we shape like her tells it for its own names: to be named, to choose its name the better to get rid of it according to the desires or the movements of life Stories of migration from one language to another, Hebrew, Russian, French, with the metamorphoses that glide in, in spite of us, in spite of them. With Marseille as a backdrop, a politics of the words, words and geographies is emerging. A life too, and what that involves: How glorious it is to be a human being to take up the beautiful title of Mili's film Pecherer (FID2019). The words, but also the silence or the dazzling before the words. Without forgetting the look. Is it possible to “whisper with the eyes”, asks Mili Pecherer ? Everything is there, offered in a transparent opacity, like the final apologue, and the last thumbnail. A question of magic, according to the free tone of a mezzo voce conversation, in this film in which Florence Pazzottu takes the delicate step of erasing himself, giving us back all the grace of this meeting, to us suddenly addressed.

Nicolas Féodoroff / FID

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