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​Alt(r)a Voce is a non-profit cultural association under the 1901 law, founded in

MARSEILLE on March 30, 2010.

Alt(r)a Voce produces and supports multimedia creation along three major lines:


- Short or long films, invention of a poetic form trough means peculiar to cinema, including poems or not.

- Films made by poets or documentary films dealing with poetry either  as a subject or as a theme, putting it to the test of the world in which it is written, mixing it or confronting it with other practices and other fields of thought.

- Video installations & scenographies  around contemporary texts.  



The president: Mireille LAPLACE

Photo coming soon ...


© 2020 by Mireille Laplace

Artistic Director of Grains de Lumlière

The treasurer: Charles Grémont

© 2012 by Charles Grémont

PhD of history - IRD

Alt(r)a Voce

© 2012 by Altr (a) Voce


Alt(r)a Voce works on all forms of presentation or representation, contributing to reinventing the public "address" of poetry - affirming a poetry that is also grappling with the real and "abrupt sound", able to find a path to "anyone".

To this end, Alt(r)a Voce also sets up (or participates in) very diverse workshops combining writing, reading, video.

Literature teacher

The secretary: Julie Mélère

© 2013 by Julie Mélère

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