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Short films

Trivial Poem

trivial poeme.jpg

Trivial poem (20 ', 2017), film by Florence Pazzottu. Selected at the FID




(Marseille international film festival) in one of the parallel screen, "Histoires de portrait", and screened on July, the 14th and the 15th at the Villa Méditerranée, then on October, the 2nd at Cinema les Variétés (Marseille) in the scope of the Actoral festival.


Selected at the Signes de nuit Festival in Paris in the "transgressive cinema" section, and screened on October, the 10th, 2017 at the Maison du Japon (international university).


"How to combine political gesture and poetic writing? Better, find form and common space for both? Beirut will be the place of this experience composed here in film, what Florence Pazzottu calls film-poem. And to operate a movement in the city itself , whose (re) construction would be the sign of its erasure. A city crossed and restored here in scattered fragments, while words and texts come to slip in, to rub shoulders. "


Nicolas Feodoroff (FID Marseille)

Direction, image, sound, film editing and text: Florence Pazzottu

Recording and mixing: Florent Fournier-Sicre (Studio Flopibo) 

With the poet William Cliff and the voice of Nadine Chehadé

Translation: Marie-Jeanne Locatelli and John Doherty.

Production: Alt(r)a Voce

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