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The Place of the Subject

Shot in the “Panier”, Marseille's rapidly changing historical center that, despite its strong character, has no administrative existence, this film questions the notion of what it is “to live in”: one's neighborhood, one's city, one's language.

Concerned with such themes as “the abrupt of the real”, and the poetic and political resonances of the word “habitation” (from exile to abiding, from renovation to expulsion), The Place of the Subject interweaves a plurality of discourses inviting us to combat what the philosopher Alain Badiou calls “the corruption of language by identity”, and to “experience one's own strangeness.”

In 2011, this film obtained broadcasting aid from the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône, for the production of this version with English subtitles. An Alt (r) production in Voce.

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