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Poèmes vidéo


A cinematographic poem where, in the ascent of a stone staircase on the sea side, the tension of desire and the letting go that it operates is felt, Poll is a cry of love, a declaration made by Florence Pazzottu to the art of editing.

Shot at La Vesse (Bouches-du-Rhône) in June 2015, for the Qui-Vive screening which took place  on December 10, 2015 at Ciné 104 in Pantin on the theme of secrecy and confession (Qui-Vive n ° 7: Rudolf di Stefano, François Nicolas, Jean Seban, Jérôme Bennaroch, and Florence Pazzottu), the film was shown for the first time in November, in Marseille, at the Variétés cinema during an evening of the Collectif Hors Cadre, then at the Asymmetric Week at the Polygone Starry. 

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