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Poèmes vidéo

Poème dans l'escalier

This short video poem (1'33 ") is part of a series directed by Florence Pazzottu and produced by Alt(r)a Voce in 2013. It was part of one of the pieces in the exhibition that Florence Pazzottu presented from March 21 to April 12, 2014 on the invitation of Grains de lumière in the La Traverse gallery, in Marseille - FRANCE.


This piece consists of a worked wooden box with cutout of a keyhole through which the visitor to the exhibition looks at the video poem. Inside, a black cardboard polygon hides the contours of the screen and fixes a trajectory. The part is fixed to the wall at breast height and fitted with a helmet. A small step on the ground allows you to adjust your height and look.

The poem in the staircase had been published in Vers ce qui lack (Coming from where, 4 poets) by Flammarion in 2002.

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