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Poèmes vidéo

Open poème

Film by Florence Pazzottu - 2'31 - production by Alt(r)a Voce in 2015.

Text, image, film editing: Florence Pazzottu.

Mixing Florent Fournier-Sicre.

Shot in Marseille - FRANCE - in 2013 as the Triangle deserves its summit , Open poème weaves images of an Open 13 qualifying match and the opening festivities of MP 2013, offering a singular knotting of image, rhythm and of text. "Poem - it is form and it is thought.".


It was part of the exhibition Open poème en sept courts presented by Florence Pazzottu at the invitation of Grains de lumière at the La Traverse gallery in Marseille -FRANCE - from March 21 to april 12, 2014.

It was registered in an installation, with a photograph of an umpire's chair, seven tennis balls and a central bench on which the public was invited to sit. Projection on wall alternating with the video poem The triangle deserves its summit.

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