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Video installations

Dialectique de l'amour et du désir

The Dialectic of Love and of Desire is a documentary poem of 25'. At a time when Nature was once again convened as the supreme body dictating standards, when, in France, the use of the word "genre" threw thousands of people into the street, while an advertising spot extolled the merits of 'a dating site allowing to get rid of the "chance" in love, Florence Pazzottu, armed with a double questionnaire and a small digital camera, chooses to survey the places where she was (Marseille, mainly, but also Venice, Paris and the small alpine village of Saint-Paul-sur-Ubaye), on the lookout for the unforeseeable.


The adventure lasted several weeks, giving birth to a video installation presented in the Cabine Dialectique at  Actoral 13 at the same time as a stage of the scenic creation of Les Heures Blanches* (with Aurélie Leroux).


* Les Heures Blanches, Atelier du Grand Tétras, May 2013

With Adda Abdelli, Djaouida Achaibou, Soumette Saïd Ahmed, François Moïse Bamba, Alexandre Blandin, Hervé Castanet, Hubert Colas, Benjamin Fabre, Alain Fourneau, Christophe Grégoire, Laurent Grino, Waré Konaré, Aurélie Leroux, Béarice Louchouarn, Linda Mekboul, Fabien Seltzer , Marie-Christine Soma, Julie Villeneuve, Patrick Zuzalla.

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