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Long films

A false novel about the life of Arthur Rimbaud

The title is that of a long poem by Jack Spicer, composed of short chapters, almost all of which is reproduced here. Welcoming him to the south-alpine village of La Pomme Chinoise (FID 2019), Florence Pazzottu disseminates it to all winds: written on black cards or loose sheets, interrupted by the rock of an Australian admirer, recited in turn by the inhabitants of the village who, in perfect agreement
with the poetics of Californian, allow themselves to put their two cents, fine or coarse. If, for Spicer, the poet is a radio, receptacle and transmitter of voices and things that come to her from Outside, Florence Pazzottu's gesture is of very high fidelity: projecting the poem into the world, she returns it to the Outside and makes the most lively and flexible cinema translation operator.

Cyril Neyrat / FID

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